The world is one within multiplicity. This question of cohesion is setting acutely in sciences of information, as forms are used for describing elements and for building software.
Hanging-on links, introduced by Husserl, can be modeled as whorls. A ring of whorls, which is a composed unit, gives an explanation of the assembly of parts. Movement and negation lead to four logical worlds and the genesis of numbers gets along with a genesis of strokes.

Here are the 4 logical worlds:
4 the static world of data, negation is excluded from the description,
this world describes results, facts, figures ;
3 the systemic world of interactions, negation is a possible value,
this world describes judgments, actions, processes ;
2 the world of hanging-on links, negation is a reverse side,
this world describes explorations, perceptions, gestures ;
1 the world of archetypes, poles, with fusion of opposites,
this world describes dimensions, questions, values.

Thus cohesion in the making is modeled by a threefold ring of whorls, corresponding to three interfaces between worlds:

1) an interface with interacting components, this is building the form,
2) an interface limit of the amortization of whorls, this draws the horizon,
3) an interface with the pulsation in the center, this depicts a proto self.

This threefold ring, coming from a threefold tension, applies to any form in three degrees. In space, form is found at various stages of integration of components. In time, a pulsation is proceeding from deliverables to the purpose of the cycle. At the reflexive level, the reader is integrating itself in the tension and questions its raison d’etre.

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The person :

Yves Chaumette, consulting engineeer

Polytechnique school, 1969

DEA of Epistemology and History of sciences, 1987

PhD on the internal tension of cohesion, 2013

Teaching in the university Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne
In the Master Information and Knowledge systems

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