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Quality axes

Colour is based on 3 dimensions. This fact enables it to illustrate all ternaries,
among them the three axes of management: Direction, Relationship, Production.

In its scientific context, colour is represented by two half-cones:
- one half-cone containing all pale and clear colours, going to the white;
- the other half-cone containing all dark colours going to the black.

Two frames of reference exist:
one with the additive spectrum (Red-Green-Blue)
and one with the subtractive spectrum (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow).

The three primary colours and the three complementary colours are thus drawing
as six axes that can be related to six axes of quality.

Ability to renew oneself, hence the questionning of orientations and the implementation of means
Associated words: priorities, decisions, synthesis, directions, values, convictions, goals, objectives, risks,
conciseveness, firmness, neatness, sharpness, brevity

Ability to improve a process, some activities
Associated words: improvement, perfecting, betterment, better, higher, more, follow-up, to re-invest, increase, accounting

Ability to follow a determined line, to maintain a logic with accuracy            
Associated words: Logical, behaviour, method, anticipation, accuracy, plan, procedure, rigorous

Opening- Communication
Ability to relate – to accept and to include - facts, ideas, partners
Associated words: exchange, links, sharing, relationships, listening, heartfulness, warm

Ability to react according on demand, according to the context or to a partner
Associated words: creative, reactive, flexible, mobile, agile, pragmatic, fantasy, according to

Ability to reach to an agreement, to enrich thanks to différences
Associated words: alternatives, diversity, variety, contrast, opposition, agreement, consent, tension, convergence, difference, dissonance, conflict, deepening, enrichment, heterogeneous


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