mardi 23 juillet 2024
Qualité Couleur  
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Any perception of quaity is based on a primary impression.
This impression cann be expressed in colours. Colour is accurate and reproducible, it can be computed, one can then make statistics.

Colour is based on 3 dimensions, which open new vistas for describing and developing quality.

In order to describe a flow, black and white are enough: they express the satisfaction of customer’s needs.

For describing a performance with many interactions, it is more economical to focus on the nodes of the network rather than on the flows. What matters is the brand, the agent, the system; their quality is usually constant. This system can be a partner, a provider, a customer, a department, a project, a team, etc. This fact suggests the following definition:

1/ System-centered definition:
Inner property of a system as it appears globally outside


The qualitative invariant at the core of the system may be described by colour. The logo of a company represents usually the quality that the leaders wish to impulse within that company.

2/ Another definition of quality is joining the intent view that is being developed nowadays, specially in Paris 1. Intent definition:

La qualité est le rapport entre la raison d'être et l'activité

In other words
Quality = relation between What we we are doing
What we are here for

This definition broadens the qualitative view and can be illustrated in colours; it takes into account the tension which is underlying the action. This view is specially useful in times of emergency, crises or for the re-fundation of activities.